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SYHDEE Released New Products -- LED Parking Lot Light

SYHDEE has recently released its new outdoor lighting products LED shoe box which is committed to American market.

Adopting high efficient Nichia LED chip, the Syhdee LED Parking Lot Light ‘s simple design provides maximum light distribution and is ideal

for commercial and industrial uses. “ Safety Security and Eco Fit” is the theme of Syhdee tube lights focus.

LED Shoe Box Structure

Have an overview of glass tube structure:

The LED parking lot light is patent products , which is Origval Tyco Day light sensor and different voltages options 100-277V,277-480V. It's lumen up to 130lm/w high lighting and its beam angle different application.

LED Shoe Box Performance

Optically, led shoe box uses Nichia LED chip to ensure high brightness and luminous performance.


* Lumens 130lm/W.
* Beam angle different application.
* Patent Products.
* High efficient Nichia LED Chip.
* Different installation.
* Origval Tyco Day light sensor.
* Different Voltages options 100-277V,277-480V.
* Meanwell or Inventronics.
* IP Rating:IP65.

LED Parking Lot Light V1.0(1)

Syhdee releases new series of LED troffers for commercial lighting

2x4 led troffer light

Syhdee release the new LED troffers for commercial lighting. The Syhdee Troffer's simple design provides maximum light distribution and is ideal for commercial and industrial uses. This luminaire was engineered as an energy efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting solutions.

* Standard sweeping diffuser.
* High efficacy up to 135lm/W.
* Easy to install.
* No mercury, no UV , friendly to environment.
Technology Parameters
Nominal voltage: AC 120-277V
Operating frequency: 50/60Hz
Power factor: =0.9
Working temperature range: -25°C ...+40°C
Starting time: < 1.0 s
Switching cycles: 50000 times
Dimmable: 1-10V
Beam angle: 150°
The LED troffers are applicable for industry, workshop, warehouse, Stadium, waiting room, railway stations, gas stations, airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc all large spaces.
Products detail please view our company website: http://us.syhdee.com/Product66-719.html

About Syhdee
Shenzhen Syhdee manufactory Co., Ltd was founded in 2004 with its location in the most dynamic city-Shenzhen, China. It is specializing in R&D, manufacturing ,marketing ,after-sales services of high efficiency LED illumination since its establishment .With a factory covering 30,000? and 600 staffs, Syhdee has currently reached a monthly output of 1.5 million pieces, and owned an array of professional facilities, including 8 sets of SMT machines, 14 automatic and semi-automatic assembly lines and 6 automatic aging lines; 4 integrating spheres, one IES spectrum analyzer, one constant temperature and humidity chamber, EMC/EMI testing room etc., which all serve to insure the quality of supplied materials and finished products. Syhdee has passed the "PMS" and "QMS" certifications under DEKRA as well as the world's TOP-notch TUV Mark certification.

How to install LED Tube ----installation of led tube and wiring instructions


Tips: LED tube has two ways installation: all in one led tube series and bracket led tube
Installation of all in one led tube
How to fix all in one led tube (image reference)
All in one led tube accessories have two stainless steel retainers for install the led tube, firstly fix the stainless steel retainers according the led tube length and install position. (the distance between retainers is a third of led tube length)

installation of led tube light

Then put the led tube in retainer

How to wiring the all in one led tube (image reference)

all in one led tube

PS: The white line can connect the live line or natural line; the yellow one is earth wire so it can’t be connected with live or natural line. 
The series installation of all in one led tube (image reference)

all in one led tube

PS: Quantity of led tubes should be consider in this way of series installation. If used in China each led tube’s wattage is 7W, so that led tube inside wire is electrical wire 18#, it can be connected above 157pcs led tubes (Wire diameter*rate voltage*rate current/power=quantity of led tubes), also can connect above hundred led tubes if reserved part of space.

Bracket led tubeBracket led tube

The installation of bracket led tube
All bracket led tube application in home and office have the ballast, type of electronic ballast and inductance ballast.
1- The installation of inductance ballast bracket led tube, reference image.
installation led tube

Ps: Don’t install led tube before remove the starter and ballast, if not will burn the led tube.

2- The installation of electronic ballast bracket led tube 
a. According Pic1, remove the electronic ballast than connect the live line and natural line with both ends of led tube.

all in one led tube

PS: a. The electronic ballast of fluorescent tubes in wireframe need to remove, the outside line is the way of led tube’s wiring.
b. All wire connect place used electrical tape to insulated, not allowed the live part exposed.

led tube light

3. Application show the effect of bracket led tube installation

fluorescent led tube

You Should Know These! The Newest LED Tubes Standard?

The standard does not apply to all retrofit LED tubes; only those where the tube is powered by the existing control gear, either electronic or magnetic, so no internal modification of the luminaire is required (except replacing the glow starter by a ‘dummy’ to complete the circuit, which is not considered a modification under this standard).
If you are thinking of replacing a fluorescent lamp with an LED tube, you should be aware of an important new safety standard introduced by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in December 2014. It’s called IEC 62776 and it covers safety specifications for double-capped LED tubes.
Retrofit options
Generally, retrofit LED tubes come in two types: those where no modification to the luminaire is required (where IEC 62776 applies) and the more common type where some rewiring or bypassing of the existing control gear is needed.

In the latter, you rewire the luminaire so that the incoming mains goes straight to the lamp caps. Whether or not this is a good idea is a hotly disputed topic in the lighting world, and there is currently no specific safety standard for these lamps. However, there is general agreement among European laboratories that tests for these lamps should apply the appropriate aspects from related safety standards such as 60598, 61347 and 62031 together with a risk assessment and a detailed review of the modification instructions supplied.
Currently, most of the major lamp manufacturers build their LED tubes to meet the new IEC 62776 standard, but you should always check with your supplier.
Remember that IEC 62776 (and the other standards mentioned above) are about safety. They do not tell you anything about performance factors, such as light output, colour rendering, beam distribution or energy efficiency. There are good and bad ones out there, so it’s worth checking these details carefully too.
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