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Company Annual General Meeting of Syhdee
How time flies! the busy year of 2017 has been gone, the new ambition and hope is coming with the new year. Shenzhen Syhdee Co., Ltd celebrate the year-end of 2017 and welcome the year beginning on 2018, so the whole family of Syhdee and friends having a party on January 26, 2018. The annual meeting summarize the 2017 and the more is planning the new ambition and work focus on 2018.
American Encourage the Entire Country to Install LED Lighting
The United States have a special focus on the protection of environment problems for a long time.
SYHDEE Released New Products -- LED Parking Lot Light
SYHDEE has recently released its new outdoor lighting products LED shoe box which is committed to American market. …
How to install LED Tube ----installation of led tube and wiring instructions
  Tips: LED tube has two ways installation: all in one led tube series and bracket led tube Installation of all in one led tu…
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